Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And Thus Tiny Treasures is Born...

"There is No Way to Peace, Peace is the Way."
- A.J. Muste

Tiny: Itsy-bitsy, itty-bitty, little, mini, miniature, petite, teensy, teensy weensy, teeny, wee, yea big...

Treasures: Something one considers especially precious or valuable...

Tiny Treasures is dedicated to the dear items we diligently and delicately dust daily on our shelves… To the items we wear on our fingers and that adorn our necks… To the stuff that we tote around in our pockets and keep safe in our handbags… To the small tokens our grandmothers pass on to our mothers who pass on to us … To the frosted cupcakes and golden foiled wrapped truffles we indulge in... To the little items whose only purpose may be to enchant and delight… To the teeny tiny objects that bring us immeasurable joy…

So to put it simply, this space is for artful photos of small items that make our hearts flutter.

The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Knick-knacks, cups, broaches, salt and pepper shakers, journals, diaries, cameras, rings, cupcakes, charms, keys, toys, cake toppers, stuffed animals, mugs, perfume bottles, trinkets, guitar picks, truffles, handmade objects... Are you getting the idea? :)

The image above is of this lovely set of salt and pepper shakers Cory and I stumbled upon. We saw them and knew they were destined to be ours. Not only are we Oregonians (an thus the hippie/tree-hugger vibe is in our DNA) but we also very much love each other and the fact that these two little porcelain things are kissing was just too perfect to ignore.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for little knick-knacks such as this set of salt and pepper-shakers (Sidenote: I really should come up with names for these little guys (let me know if you have any ideas)). Growing up, my grandmothers on either side of the family were always giving me tiny porcelain figurines, jewelry, small collectibles, charms... all sorts of different things that really served no real purpose but to make me smile. In most cases it is the memory that makes the object valuable.

I want to be able to share these mementos and their stories and see what others find interesting and precious.

Welcome to Tiny Treasures... Let's get started!


  1. agreed!!!

    um names...I like jamie for him and saffron for her

  2. Jade,

    Can I be a contibutor to Tiny Treasures? You know I have endless knick knacks and toys.

  3. What cute little treasures! So excited for the flickr group and this blog.

  4. I love it! I am totally a tiny-treasure kind of girl myself! I'm so excited about this blog. : )

    S & P Shaker Names: Janis(Joplin) & John( Lennon)

  5. Thank you everyone for your support! It means the world to me...

    And PS, thank you for the fabulous name suggestions ;)

  6. beautiful Jade, very nice work.