Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Table and Chairs Project


Are you on Flickr? Have you heard of the Table & Chairs Project? If you have answered no to either of these questions, I have to say that you are seriously missing out. The Tables and Chairs Project was created by Machel Spence, a supremely talented, creative and kind hearted nature photographer whose love of capturing nature's tiny treasures is undeniable. Seriously, just check out her lovely Flickrstream.

Table & Chairs started when Machel had a wonderful idea to photograph a teeny tiny table and chairs set belonging to her daughter, India, and then send it around to her Flickr contacts and see how they would photograph it. It's been all over the country including (but not limited to) Washington, Vermont, Texas, Mississippi and finally into my hands here in Oregon. I had so much fun photographing this lovely set! You don't really understand how tiny it is until it's in your hands. We had our first taste of snow so I knew I had to get a shot of the Table and Chairs in it. I also took a picture as an ode to Machel's faboulous bokeh shots. My boyfriend even got in on the action and took a few shots of his own. Do you see the tiny ant that is in focus in the bottom right picture!!? I just love it!

Once we were finished taking photos of the precious set, I was instructed by Machel to send the set off to San Fransisco, California to the next contact on the list. The contact just so happened to be Steve Brison and his wife Laura. Steve is actually a Flickr contact of mine who's clever photostream and stories keep me endlessly entertained. I love it when I am reminded how small a world we live.

*Update! Since I first started writing this post, Steve has photographed the set. See his image here!

Here are a few of my favorite Table and Chairs shots but please be sure to stop by the Table and Chairs group on Flickr and check out all the wonderfully creative shots!

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